The following information was shared on social media via Long Reach High School Booster Club:

Important Message from the Principal

Dear LRHS Community:

Today we were made aware of a student’s alleged post on social media containing inappropriate racial content. I want you to know that I am taking this matter seriously and will continue to challenge any messages or actions that are not consistent with the values of inclusion and diversity that we hold so highly at LRHS.

In response, we are working with the Howard County Public School System to investigate and respond in accordance with the HCPSS Code of Conduct and Board Policy #8080 – Responsible Use of Technology and Social Media. In instances such as these, the HCPSS Office of Safety and Security works with the Howard County Police Department when social media attacks or acts of bullying could be considered criminal offenses or hate speech.


Both LRHS and HCPSS take a strong position on all acts of discrimination, bullying and cyberbullying. I ask that you join us in taking this opportunity to discuss the appropriate use of social media with your child and the impact their words and actions could have on others. Additional information on how to report instances of bullying and relevant policies can be found at

In addition, we have already begun to work with the HCPSS Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to facilitate ways for students, staff, and community members to process and repair the harm. I will share additional information soon.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to me, or the Long Reach High School administration, should you have any questions or concerns.

Joshua R. Wasilewski



Look…this is not the kind of stuff we want happening in our community. Unfortunately, it is the world we live in. Here is the thing I love about the information above…the principal at Long Reach High School is not sweeping this under the rug and trying to hide it…he is addressing it head on…letting the community know that he knows about it and is addressing it…and that is great.

If we are honest with each other…not every principal…and not every school would do this…some would hide this story. We know that for a fact at this point. I hope to see more of these type of emails to the local community when things like this happen. It makes a great reminder that we should all talk to our kids about this stuff…because in the end that is how it will stop happening.

Thank you Principal Wasilewski for providing the type of transparency we all hope for in our school system.

Scott E