Larry Pretlow remains the only candidate (that has officially filed or announced) for Howard County Board of Education in 2020 at this moment. Larry Pretlow is seeking the seat in District 2.

Larry Pretlow has some new t-shirts that he posted on twitter about today…here is that tweet:


Wait…did Larry steal my tag line (Scott E for HoCoBOE in District 3 in 2020)?…Ok, it is not an exact match for my fun campaign slogan…but dang close. I should have copyrighted it when I had the chance. Once again…I am just kidding. I mean, if you can not have fun with this stuff…then why do it.

We are just over 257 days until the 2020 primary in Maryland. How long before we start seeing announcements from other candidates seeking office this next go around? I am watching daily.

Scott E