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So I posted the image above on social media yesterday. I posted it to Facebook and Twitter. I tagged Lester Holt…I tagged NBC News…I tagged NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt…but you know what I did not see…any reaction from those stating that they made a mistake (I mean I was not surprised…but still).

The photo above is clearly seen at the 47 second mark of the show NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt on July 30th (S46 E46222). Now I believe one of two things happened…the researcher working on this story made an honest mistake….or…NBC news went looking to do this intentionally. I have no feedback or inside knowledge….but not owning up to this in any way is bad (at least to me).

Before you jump on the “Trump originally talked about Congressman Cummings district” side of this topic…know that the broadcast did not mention Cummings district…they only mentioned Baltimore in this broadcast.

What do you think? Do you think NBC did this intentionally or did they make an honest mistake?

Is it time to give up on NBC as a news source when they make these mistakes and not own up to it? In the world of “fake news”…I thought it a question to ask.

I wonder what people living on Main Street in Ellicott City think about the image of their street with the tag line “TRUMP ON BALTIMORE: LIVING IN HELL”?

Folks reporting news make mistakes…I get that…but own up to them when you do….and I have not seen that yet on this…is it a big deal…probably not…just gave me something to write about this morning.

If I missed something stating they made a mistake on this…let me know. I checked social media and the broadcast from last night and did not see anything at all.

Scott E


  1. Does it really matter to anybody outside of the DMV area? 10000x more important things to deal with…move on.

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