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I have seen many of my friends who are Democrats already take sides in the 2020 primary for President…many have jumped on teams Harris, Biden, Warren, Sanders and Mayor Pete (those are the ones I see posted about most often from people I know)…but after watching debate #2 on night #2…is it time to take a look at candidate Tulsi Gabbard? I know she is way on the outside in terms of current national polling…but she caught my attention last night with some of her statements and comments.

I think there are 3 levels of candidates right now per the polling (to me):

The A candidates:

Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris

The B candidates:

Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Yang, Booker


The C candidates:

Everyone else polling on average 1% or less. Here are the numbers from Real Clear Politics:

There is no question that Gabbard is in the C group today…but after the debate last night the question I have is can she jump up into the B group going forward?

I thought she was impressive and gave some good answers. I absolutely do not agree with everything she said…but honestly there is not a candidate that I agree with 100% on everything. I look at a candidates bio, resumes and how they come across when I see and hear them…and last night I thought Gabbard did a good job (the parts of the debate I caught).

So what do you think…is your mind 100% made up already with the candidate you are supporting…or are you still looking for a candidate to catch your attention in this race?

I am not saying I am 100% on team Gabbard today…but she is on my radar to watch going forward…and she is way ahead of some other popular candidates on my personal list.

A big moment in the debate last night being talked about a little today:

Want to learn more about Tulsi Gabbard…check out her website at

Scott E


  1. I totally agree about Tulsi Gabbard’s performance. Unfortunately, she wasn’t given enough time but her answers were polished, informative, smart and professional. Something our current President has no ability to do.

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