In case you missed this on Fox 5 (out of DC) yesterday…they report on the volunteer that helped locate Jason Mabee:

(Embedded video of broadcast removed from this post by request)

Julian Bustos of Severn is very much a hero in this story and we should all be thankful that he stepped up and helped out on Saturday.

There were a great many volunteers that helped on Saturday and it was great to see this community come together in this effort.

Here is the full story on the Fox 5 website:

Others news stations coving the story include:

Search Party Volunteer With Drone Finds Missing 44-Year-Old Jason Mabee – CBS Baltimore

A man vanished for five days. Then a drone found him injured in the woods – USA Today


Police said Mabee has been upgraded to fair after being in critical condition at a Maryland hospital. This is wonderful to hear!!!

Mabee’s friends and family have also set up a GoFundMe account on his behalf.

Scott E


  1. I commented at the time when HCPD helicopter capability was sacrificed in budget wars whether alternatives were considered. Obviously they weren’t and Mr. Mabee is very lucky to have survived. In the past an HCPD with night sensors would have searched the area. In this case there was no HC helicopter and none borrowed from State Police or Anne Arundel or other County. A volunteer with a hobby drone is luck.

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