Carole Brown Launches Campaign To Unseat John Sarbanes In Maryland Congressional District 3

Carole Brown has filed to run (as a Democrat) in Maryland Congressional District 3:

This will likely put her against current Maryland District 3 Congressman John Sarbanes (he has not filed to run yet but I have heard no indications that he will not seek this seat again in 2020).

Here is information on the About page of Brown’s campaign website: (

On December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook happened. I watched in horror. My sons had gone to high school with that shooter. I had flashbacks. My niece in Colorado was at Columbine when kids were shot and killed at her school. And then in 2018 a member of our Maryland church was gunned down at the Capital Gazette.

And I ask myself, why are Americans killing other Americans? What I see is hate, hate coming from our government, from the media, hate across our nation.

In the 1960s I went to Rutgers Law School. I joined the Peace Corps because I was inspired by President Kennedy’s message of love and helping others. I went to Africa as a school teacher. It changed my life.

In the early 70s, courageous men and women were fighting for women’s rights! They made it possible for women like me to reach new heights. I was the first in my family to go to college. Then i went to Rutgers law school and Ruth Bader Ginsburg was my professor.

That is the greatness of America- where you can start with nothing, have nothing, and follow your dreams- just as my grandparents did 100 years ago when they came to America for the promise of a better life.

After law school, I worked for the Federal Trade Commission. I was a federal prosecutor and state prosecutor. I worked in corporate law, and then started my own family law practice. Along the way, I got married, had twin sons, and became a working mom. As an attorney, I have been helping people for more than 20 years through difficult times in their lives.

I am so proud of my boys, Colby is now a civil engineer, and Canaan is serving our country in the United States Navy.

Today, America is going in the wrong direction. There are powerful forces in our country taking us backward and destroying our democracy. I cannot stand idly by. These are dire times that have brought me to this moment. Fighting against hate and for justice are the touchstones of my entire life— that is why I am running for Congress in the Third District of Maryland.

I want to fight for Maryland and our Country—to use all of my experience, as a mom, volunteer, prosecutor, lawyer – to get our Country back on track. We all must act now – I am ready to do my part.


​I am CAROLE BROWN. I am running for Congress, and I am asking for your support. Thank you!


Congressman Sarbanes will be difficult to defeat in MD03…here are some results of his past primary elections (via Ballotpedia):

2018 primary: Sarbanes received 82.3% of votes

2016 primary: Sarbanes received 87.2% of votes

2014 primary: Sarbanes received 85.2% of votes

As you can see…he is pretty consistent in winning big in this district in the primary.

Can Carole Brown get enough traction to make this race competitive in 2020? As a resident of MD03…I will be watching.

A couple of tips for the candidate (or her staff taking care of the website and social media)

  • Check the url’s of your about page and issues page (the names of those pages appear to be flipped).
  • Maybe consider adding Twitter to your social media outreach. You list it on your filing…but the account does not look to be up and running yet. When it is up…add it to the website.

Scott E

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