Search Party for Jason Mabee Happening July 27th

ARTICLE UPDATE: This was just posted to the group:

This is excellent news!!! Hope he is OK.


I wanted to make sure the community knew that there is a Search Party happening today to locate Jason Mabee. Here is information via Facebook Event:

We’re asking people (adults only) who are able & willing to come out and participate in an all day coordinated search for Jason. We will have one central location and as people arrive, we will be directed into groups to try and canvas local areas where he might be found.

Please come any time and stay as long as you can. Coordinators will be collecting numbers and information to keep everyone connected and safe.

We will need volunteers and supplies. If you are available to search, coordinate or simply able to join and share this event with your networks, it would mean the world. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, love and support.

Address/Parking: 9210 MD 108, Columbia, MD in the parking lot of the building under renovation

Sunrise – Sunset, by foot & by car
After Sunset, by car ONLY

Gear: Please dress for the weather if you will be on foot. If you’re willing to search wooded areas, please bring sunscreen and bug repellent.

Again, no children, please.


I made it out to the address and had a chance to chat with a few people about the effort happening today.

There were a number of volunteers showing up to search/canvas coming and going while I was onsite. Some coming for the first time and some returning from earlier canvasing. Some of those returning were coming back looking for directions to the next area to canvas.

The Check In location is expected to stay open until 8 or 8:30pm.

There is a good Google Map showing the areas that this group is focusing on:

They thought that there has been 60 to 70 people check in to help…and I have seen online a mention of using a drone to help with the search.

There is still time to help out today. Go out and check in at the address listed above and the team will get you sent to an area that needs coverage today.

There is a Facebook Group that you might want to join to keep updated with information:

I pray that Jason is found soon.

Scott E

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  1. Is someone bringing a trained bloodhound or similar type of dog to possibly locate and track the man’s scent (from his clothing at home)? That could be highly useful, if indeed he is in the areas indicated where the hunters are looking. FYI, wWe were at Centennial Lake this morning and saw the “Lost” posters for the gentleman — and also saw how thick and dense the thicket and underbrush is around the walking path. If someone was lying down injured — even 10-15 feet off the walking path either side — NO HUMAN COULD SEE OR FIND HIM — even though he might be right there relatively clo9se by. So therefore having the aid of a trained HUNTING DOG or BLOODHOUND would help increase the likelihood of successfully finding the gentleman, if he wandered into the underbrush or woods in some area. Hope he is found and is OK.


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