I found this information on David Yungmann District 5 County Council Facebook page:

Clark’s Elioak Farm has been selected by the Comptroller of Maryland as the recipient of the first-ever Cornerstone Award for Local Business Excellence in Howard County. The Cornerstone Award celebrates small and family-owned businesses in the retail, agriculture, manufacturing, industrial and entertainment sectors that help to strengthen Maryland’s economy and are a leader in their local community. Comptroller Franchot accepted nominations for the Cornerstone Award last year, and one winner has been selected from each of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions.

Clark’s Elioak Farm is part of the farming operation of the Clark family, which has operated in Howard County since 1797. This farm attracts thousands of visitors a year because of the petting farm, hay wagon rides, educational tours, and so much more. In 2004, the owners of the Enchanted Forest donated the Enchanted Forest buildings and figures to Clark’s Elioak Farm. The Clark family continues to receive and restore pieces of the Enchanted Forest, offering visitors a unique storybook village. This is a wonderful local landmark in the heart of Howard County.

Congratulations Martha Clark and Nora Crist for receiving the first-ever Cornerstone Award for Clark’s Elioak Farm!



Here is that post along with a few others on the subject:

Actually a little surprised there was not more on social media this morning given the number of elected officials that attended the event. Maybe there will be more online later today.

BIG congrats to Clark’s Elioak Farm…that is awesome for y’all.

Scott E