Message from HCPSS Superintendent Martirano concerning information shared in some of our communities that disparaged several schools

The following message can be found on the LRHS Boosters Facebook page:


Dear HCPSS Community,

As we continue our Boundary Review process, please be mindful that our children look to us to model civility and respect for others, and will follow our lead in how we interact with each other.

Just last week there was information shared in some of our communities that disparaged several schools. As a result, several principals had to reassure their school communities and address the hurtful information shared about their school. This is unacceptable. Spreading information or messages that criticize or reflect negatively on specific schools or neighborhoods can be very damaging and hurtful. It goes against the values our county represents and violates our shared principles of civility and mutual respect.

The boundary review process will conclude on November 21, 2019 when the Board of Education will make its decision. We know that this can be an emotional process but I ask each of you, as parents and guardians, to help us model the behavior we expect our children to embody.


Michael J. Martirano


Obviously this appears to be related to the “Flyer Relating To HCPSS Redistricting Seen Around Rockburn Township In Ellicott City“.

The principal of Long Reach High School made a similar statement  last week “Long Reach High School Principal Joshua Wasilewski addresses inaccurate information in relation to the boundary readjustment process

Great to see leaders in the school system stand up and release these public statements…sad that they had to do it. Hopefully we will not have similar flyers in the future during this process.

The next big step in the school redistricting process is the Superintendent Recommendation to the Board on August 20th. Here is additional information:

Scott E

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