Howard County Police Issue Burglary Warning – Asian residents may have been targeted

I have seen this image floating around on social media today and thought I should share it here on the blog:

Asian residents may have been targeted in five incidents this month

Howard County police are investigating a series of burglaries that occurred earlier this month in which homes owned by Asian residents may have been targeted.

Detectives are currently investigating five burglaries:

  • July 10: 15100 block of Sapling Ridge Drive in Dayton, ring stolen
  • July 13: 6900 block of Crossfield Court in Clarksville, unclear what, if anything, was stolen
  • July 13: 12300 block of Fox Hollow Court in West Friendship, unclear what, if anything, was stolen
  • July 13: 3000 block of Seneca Chief Trail in Ellicott City, cash stolen
  • July 14: 13400 Allnutt Lane in Highland, cash stolen

Police are reminding residents of the importance of not keeping large amounts of cash or valuables like jewelry inside the home. Burglars in these cases are forcing entry, even if doors and windows are locked.

To try to prevent being victimized:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and call police if you see suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood.
  • • Consider that alarm systems and surveillance cameras may make your house less attractive to thieves.
  • In the event your home is broken into, minimize your losses by not keeping valuables or cash inside the residence.
  • Don’t hesitate to call 911 for any suspicious activity!

Questions? Contact HCPD’s Asian Population Liaison PFC Kyu Lee at 410-313-0272 or


Here is the full image of what is being shared around on social media:

Areas noted above include Dayton, Clarksville, West Friendship, Ellicott City and Highland. Let’s hope they find out who is committing these crimes and catch them soon.

Scott E

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