If you missed Project Baltimore on Fox 45 this morning…you did not see the report about bullying and the mention Howard County Public Schools got in the reporting…here is the video:

You can read the article they posted online here: “Howard County Schools Blames ‘Error’ for False Bullying Reports“. Noted in that article:

“…in Howard County, 34.5 percent of all bullying reports are found to be false, by far the most in the state. And over the last three years, the number of bullying reports in Howard County has nearly doubled from 227 to 539.”

The article also notes that Howard County Schools declined an interview with Fox45 but did release a statement noting “The number of false allegations being reported (to the state) are inaccurate and way too high”. Be sure to read the article or watch the video above for the full statement.

What thoughts do you have on this topic?

Scott E


  1. It’s about time. Pleased to see some coverage on these ridiculous stats and some outside pressure placed on HCPSS and MSDE to admit there is a problem and correct it.
    Many community members raised this concern, going back years. I personally raised the issue with Central Office staff during the meetings to update bullying policies and procedures under Foose’s leadership to no avail. It was certainly mentioned again and again but not addressed or even fixed, if truly an “error”. My concern, as I expressed at the time was if children were being strong and brave enough to report but were being summarily dismissed and not validated/heard/helped, it can be intensely damaging, as evidenced by the downward spiral to demise of our daughter Grace McComas.
    I’d love to see some interest and any coverage of the results of HB1105- the investigation of HCPSS by the Office of MD Attorney General related to our case (noted as “deceased student”) and the protections and hope that the updated Grace’s Law now offers our youth.

  2. Yes i agree howard county schools n laurel md keeps situations swept under the rug they need to do more investigations inside the school so they can really see whats going on and laurel md as well the school my daughter go to she is getting bullied my the teachers they cuss at her they wont help her when she doesnt understand something she getring bullied by some of the students and when she tries ro reach out for help they call her a snitch even the teachers they wont let me transfer her i dont know what else to do

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