I was able to make it out briefly to the fundraiser for Derek and Hatsumi Smith of Matcha Time Cafe. I wanted to show up and get a few photos for the blog and remind the community about the event. Here are some of the images I got: (click image to view photos on Facebook)

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball made it out to the event (apparently I just missed him on Sunday):

Its a great day to be in Ellicott City to show support for Derek and Hatsumi Smith of Matcha Time Cafe. Recently, Derek suffered from a heart attack while traveling abroad. When our friends are in need, our community comes together to support them. I encourage you to stop by the cafe today before 5:00pm to show your support.

Thank you Sara Arditti for organizing this wonderful event and to former Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman for coming out to support the Smith family. I am praying for a speedy and healthy recovery!

Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh was also at the event on Sunday (I did see her while I was at the event):

This is what community looks like.❤️
150+ raffle prizes donated by #oldEllicottCity and other local shops, restaurants and adventures-to-be-had. All for the medical fundraiser for Derek and Hatsumi Smith of @MatchaTimeCafe. $5/ticket can be charged at the register ‘til 5 today!

Additional posts from Match Time Cafe:

And a video from Pam Long Photography:

Those are some of the public posts I saw yesterday.

You can still make a donation to support at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-derek-and-hatsumi-smith-of-matcha-time-cafe

Scott E