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NEWS RELEASE: Police release details from doorbell video in Woodbine shooting

Howard County police are learning more about the death of a man in Woodbine who was shot and killed by a resident whose house he was trying to enter. Detectives have reviewed the resident’s doorbell camera video and are releasing updated information about the circumstances of the event.

In the video, which cannot be publicly released at this time, Gerardo Espinoza is seen banging on the front door of Charles Dorsey’s home in the 14000 block of Carriage Mill Road around 1 a.m., July 21. The audio reveals that Espinoza is shouting profanity and threats, including “I’m going to f— you up,” and “You want a piece of this s—.” Dorsey is heard yelling back from inside the house for the man to leave, while his wife is calling 911.

The video then shows Espinoza jostling the door handle in an attempt to get into the house. After a moment, the door releases and Espinoza is shot. Dorsey is heard on the video shouting, “He pushed the door open, he pushed the door open.”

Detectives have learned that Espinoza had been staying at a friend’s house in the neighborhood and may have been drinking before the incident. They are investigating the possibility that Espinoza may have mistakenly gone to the wrong house.

Police are consulting with the state’s attorney’s office about the details of the case. No charges have been filed at this time. The investigation is ongoing.


I did a quick review of the Neighbors app and the video is not their either.

Glad to see additional detail about the incident come out.

Scott E


  1. It’s not rocket science, but if the door was locked like most doors are at 1 am, I find it impossible to believe that the victim wiggled the door open. Something just doesn’t add up with that part of the residents statement.

  2. The home owners are most definitely wrong in every way possible. Y’all door was locked so there was no way for him to get in the house. Y’all had already called the police so why shoot this man. This situation reminds me of the Travon Martin situation.sorry to say but so far it sounds like he’s gonna walk freely from this

    • “door was locked so there was no way for him to get in the house” He got into the house.
      “had already called the police so why shoot this man” What does calling the police have to do with anything? A man outside your door, threatening to F@ck you up, comes through the door and you are going to wait on the police?
      “situation reminds me of the Travon Martin situation” What about this incident could possibly remind you of Travon Martin?

  3. This isn’t FL or TX — in MD, use of deadly force is explicit. You must reasonably believe you or a 3rd person is in imminent danger of grave bodily harm or death. Espinoza was only dressed in shorts. Clearly the man was unarmed and Dorsey could see this You cannot convince me that Trump’s racist fear-mongering had nothing to do with this apparent and tragic over-reaction.

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