I really had hoped that after my article on July 12th (Why Is The Baltimore Sun Pitting Howard County Against Baltimore City?) that maybe pitting one community against another in the paper would be over…well apparently not yet.

On July 19th the Baltimore Sun posted the following Reader Respond / Opinion article: A defense of Howard County (from a Baltimore native) from Steve English.

The article above follows the other recent articles on the subject:

The editors of the Baltimore Sun have control over what gets published and what does not…and the fact that they continue to push this narrative is telling (at least to me)…and must be working for them in regards to page clicks or responses…because they do not seem to be ready to walk away from pushing community against community in their paper.

Before you jump in and say I am helping promote those articles as well…you are correct…but not for the same reason. I am giving context to my article by giving people the opportunity to read those other articles I am commenting on here.


We get asked (regularly) to support local papers…support local journalist…by subscribing to the paper or paying the digital fees for online access to articles…these type of articles coming out from the paper may give some people pause before paying for this content.

Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way. Have thoughts…let me know in the comments or in the comments on social media.

Scott E