Long Reach High School Principal Joshua Wasilewski addresses inaccurate information in relation to the boundary readjustment process

The following information can be found on the Long Reach High School Booster page on Facebook:

Important Message from Principal Wasilewski of Long Reach High School

Dear LRHS Community,

As you may know, HCPSS is in the process of a system-wide Boundary Review. Recently, I was made aware of inaccurate information in relation to the boundary readjustment process that was critical of Long Reach High School. At LRHS, as is the case with every school in Howard County, we are proud of the community we have built where we support every student, removing barriers to success and providing opportunities to thrive.

Regardless of the outcome of this process, every student in Howard County will continue to have access to an excellent education. We are not a system of individual schools, but a cohesive school system with consistent curriculum, excellent teachers, and comparable opportunities at every school.

Transitions can be difficult but please know all HCPSS administrators will work with the Board of Education and Superintendent to provide necessary supports for our families who may be impacted by the boundary review process. There is helpful information on the HCPSS Boundary Review website that I encourage you to review.

While it is my hope that all stakeholders within Howard County practice respect and empathy in their advocacy; I also want to provide a safe space for our community to process and heal when instances such as these occur. In the near future, we will be working with our community partners to hold a series of Restorative Justice Healing Circles open to any member of our LRHS community.

I thank the parents and community members who have reached out to me over the last few days and appreciate our community’s strong support. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you feel the need to discuss.

Joshua R. Wasilewski

Long Reach High School

HCPSS Boundary Review Website: https://www.hcpss.org/schoo…/boundary-review/moving-schools/


You can bet that the flyer that was distributed from some residents in Rockburn Township was the the cause of this statement.

I want to thank Principal Wasilewski for sharing his thoughts and this statement to the community. When we all stand up against the silly stuff that has and will come out in this process…maybe someday it will stop.

My kids final year at Long Reach was when Principal Wasilewski came to the school. She was sad to lose such a good principal like Principal Burton…but also really liked Principal Wasilewski…and I get it.

Long Reach High School parents and students can be proud to have a principal that stands strong with their school.

I am a proud dad of a LRHS graduate…I am proud that she attended that school…and will never sit back and let folks in this community put it down in any way. I am #LRHSProud…and always will be. Go Lightning!

Scott E

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