We all talk a lot about high schools in Howard County when it comes to capacity and redistricting….but the problem Howard County has is not limited to just high schools. Reported by Howard County Board of Education member Vicky Cutroneo…Fulton Elementary School has just enrolled its 1,000 student and hit a capacity that exceeds 120%. Here is that post:

This is ridiculous and needs to be addressed ASAP. Kids will not have a seat at lunch when capacity levels hits this mark…kids will not get the education they deserve when numbers hit this mark…kids will be the ones hurt in the end. We as a community should not be OK with this.

I am happy to see the redistricting process happening right now and seriously hope the current HoCoBOE makes good decisions for the community as a whole.

I am also happy to have a board member like Vicky Cutroneo that keeps us informed about the happenings in Howard County. I personally appreciate the information she provides us.


Scott E


  1. Why is it that over capacity issues only become a public outcry when the wealthier schools are affected? Both of my children went to EES and it was consistently over capacity at about 130% even after a cafeteria build out and other upgrades. Even though the “cafeteria” was added to to make extra room, the food service line was not made larger and the number of food service employees remained the same. I volunteered during those years and there were children (many on FARMS!!!) who had 7 minutes to consume their food before being forced to line up and exit the cafeteria so that the next “herd of children” could be “corralled in” for the next “feeding”. The amount of food deposited into trashcans was unbelievable!! The head lice situation was awful as there were 3-4 students per cubby and coats and scarves hung together and remained warm and allowed for the nasty little critters to travel. There was constantly a shortage of tissues, toilet paper and hand soap. Then there were paper rations, copier supply rations yet our children had NO textbooks. Yes, it’s awful that children and teachers are treated in this manner in one of the wealthiest districts in the United States, but let’s not forget that this has been going on for some time now. All HoCo public schools are NOT equal and they never have been. It’s time for the BoEd to make some tough decisions even if it means upsetting the delicate elites in this county who don’t want their children to go to school with “those other children” who will bring down the test scores (that don’t mean anything except parental wealth). The motto in this county is “Choose Civility”, but civility is only afforded to those that think they deserve it (by means of wealth) without having to practice it themselves.

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