Here is information from Ellicott City Safe and Sound on Facebook:

DPW Contractors are working to clean out flood debris in 8109-8111-8113 Main Street. These buildings are known as the Johnson’s Buildings and are located adjacent to 8125 (Caplan’s). A large amount of sediment collected in the building during the flood, as well as portions of trees and other items. This debris is being sorted and recycled where possible.

Removal of this debris will allow for full assessment of the structure which remains, to begin detailed design for removal of the rear portion over the stream channel. After the contractors are complete with these buildings, they will continue working to clean out flood debris from 8125 (Caplan’s).


Here is a map of that area:

The streets of Ellicott City were turned to raging rivers after 7.92 inches of rain fell in 15 hours on the 27th May 2018…and more than a year later we are still trying to cleanup the damage. I am happy to see progress being made…just hope it is completed sooner rather than later.

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Scott E