A flyer was shared with me relating to redistricting happening with the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS). I even read that this may have been illegally placed inside a mailbox (don’t do that folks). Here is the full flyer:

I am not sure if this is the first flyer stating this type of information this time around with redistricting…but my guess is it will not be the last one during this process. Some of the thoughts I had when I read it:

  • Advocacy for something you believe in is good…but do it the right way and always tell the truth.
  • The statements relating to home values and quality of education are concerning. Long Reach High is a great school and making those assumptions about it is hurtful to our community. For some background…my kid graduated from Long Reach and she loved it there and I was also very happy with the school.
  • I was happy (and surprised) to see names and phone numbers on the bottom of this flyer. Usually these go out anonymously….so that is a nice change. Not a good idea if the flyers are being placed illegally…but nice to know who is actually advocating for a topic shared in this way. (Article update – I covered up the names and phones numbers at the requests by some readers of the article)

Be sure to check out the HCPSS 2019 Feasibility Study Report to learn more about the proposed plans…and then be sure to engage in the process.


Scott E


  1. Unacceptable! This is a form of segregation. I’ve been posting about this on Facebook in some groups. To talk about a community school this way “low-ranked” I’m tired of District 2 being treated like this!

  2. I don’t care to debate which are good schools or not, but you can read from my blog posts analyzing rankings and test scores, regarding performance on the tests used for rankings after adjusting for income, Howard did not perform better than Long Reach. Rankings are actually similar, but had they accounted for income effects on scores, Long Reach would rank higher. Nonetheless this is entirely irrelevant to any considerations regarding redistricting. We must educate all students.

  3. The parents in this county are very test-centric, data-centric and competitive when it comes to scores on standardized tests that do not measure anything but poverty. If one looks at the raw, un-skewed state data, it will show that Howard Co has the most segregated schools in the state. It will also show that subtracting out poverty factors from the un-skewed, raw data of the inane tests, the wealthy and middle class students all rank pretty high. If the high stakes testing goes away (along with the test prep as curriculum) and the distribution of Title I funds is allocated correctly, there would be no need for parents to quibble over “better” schools. What I will say is that schools in Howard Co are NOT equal in education quality (my kids went to Title I schools). The wealthier zoned areas have text books, fun academic programs, more hands on activities while the schools with more Title I students get dittoes, lots of seat time for test prep and more test prep on top of test prep. The worse thing that ever happened is when the Real Estate industry was allowed access to the data from the tests. HCPSS has big problems….elitism and racism.

    • Frankly , if you can not even pass the state standard, you do need to work harder.It is very basic knowledge for people to survive in today’s digital society..By ignoring that, you are setting our students up for failure, and creating a new generation of poverty.

      While too much testing is not helpful, anti-wisdom is even more dangerous and harmful. American education in general is too far from being test centric.

      Lisa, I really suggest you open your eyes to the education other European countries and even Asian counties are providing. Have you ever get education from a foreign country ? We need to stop living in the bubble , come to the real fact that American education is failing our children, not only low income students, but everyone including middle class.

      Howard county FARM rate 22.5%, students can not pass 9th grade test is around 50% with ELA a little better than math. How can you explain the gap between these two percentages???

      No one dare to say or willing to day if we have a really strong public school, no one will need a tutor outside school, and the achievement gap will be closed. Is that common sense?

      Yet, instead of doing the real hard work in the classroom., we are abandoning test to hide our failures. So we do not have to admit we did a lousy job. Who want to take that responsibility? Not the elected officials, not the teachers union, not the failing students’ parents, not the students themselves. Who else is left??? Oh , those achieving students and their parents who are too busy homeschooling their children after a full-time job, and too busy to protest on a public hearing.

      By not bring our education to a high standard, our low income students will continue to be unproportionally affected in a negative way, because they don’t have family support to fall back on. No matter you bus or not, the gap will always be there, until we have the courage to admit the real problem.

  4. What are the names of the community members that agree with this? Who wrote it? Please remember not all of the community feels this way.

    • The names and numbers were visible earlier. Maybe having the letter posted outside of the targeted area got the phones ringing off the hook?

  5. I am so tired of Long Reach being targeted as a “Bad” school. I have lived in Rockburn for close to 30 years. I have taught at LRHS since it opened. My 2 sons went to LRHS and are very successful. To say that our Home values will go down is simply not true. When we first moved here our children were redistricted a number of times and I heard the same thing. Guess what? Home values did not go down. When LRHS was first built many students from this neighborhood went there, and received the same “quality of education” that students from Howard did. As a long time teacher at Long Reach, I find it insulting that it is insinuated that the “quality of education” would go down. We have fabulous teachers at our school. We have won a number of awards locally and nationally in Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our Fine Arts dept. has had students go on to work on Broadway, for Disney, perform in movies, have their Art Work shown at the Kennedy Center, and so much more. We have students that have been excepted to Harvard, UMCP, Towson, Loyola, etc. Get the information straight before you malign a school, its students, and staff. The lines need to be changed!

  6. One more point is that Long Reach HS is closer to these polygons (assuming 42, 1042, 2042 etc.). So Many of the wealthier neighborhoods going to Howard HS are closer to Long Reach HS. I guess busing isn’t a problem as long as it’s the Howard County way of busing. See my blog post on how Howard County increases bus rides to keep its schools segregated.

  7. This is typical Howard county. They preach tolerance and coexisting all day long but as soon as you ask them to give up some of their privilege to benefit underserved minorities and asylum seekers, they turn into selfish children. We must end the entitlement mentality!

  8. Relax , people.
    People have different view is normal. You may feel offended but that is part of the diversity we claim we support, isn’t it? Diversity in ideas because different background people came from. If only the ideas we agree can be allowed , there will be no diversity.

    If you find it hard to accept, then you should think again if you really support diversity or you are just a little ‘hypocritic’ at the bottom of your heart?

    If we can not even allow a different view on paper, how can we expect other people to send their children to a ‘bad’ scool (according to their standard) willingly? We have the right to believe what we believe, other people have their rights, too. (For sure, you have the rights to ignore them if you disagree)

    Feel free to stay if LRHS fits your need, and respect other people who choose to leave because it does not provide what they expect. That is called freedom.

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