The Baltimore Sun has recently published two “opinion” articles that appear to be pitting Howard County against Baltimore City (at least that is how I read those articles).

The first came from Columnist Dan Rodricks on July 9th “The last thing Baltimore needs is more abandonment” detailing a letter from a resident in Ellicott City about Baltimore City.

The second was a reader response posting from Barbara Stone on July 10th “Howard County is bland, Baltimore is not” detailing why Howard County is bland and Baltimore City is not.

I seem to know a great number of people here in Howard County that love going to Baltimore City…and people in Baltimore City that love coming to Howard County…so…one has to wonder why the Baltimore Sun has decided to publish these articles? To stir up controversy between the two jurisdictions?

Give the articles a read…let me know your thoughts.


Scott E


  1. I didn’t read Rodericks’ column as stirring controversy between Baltimore and Howard County. I saw him writing how interdependent we all are and that there should be more interaction between people who live in each. He was writing that the man who says that he used to love to come to the city and won’t any more, obviously loves the city but abandoning the city won’t help make improvements. I think that is the main message out of that column. The second letter was a pot stirring type of thing — “you don’t like the city, then you should stay away!” — but it was a letter to the editor. Not sure how that makes it anything like a position of the paper — probably something to get clicks and be provocative (with which you aided them in getting more clicks so it probably worked).

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