Announced on Facebook on July 10th:

I’m pleased to introduce a new regular feature here on my Facebook page. Every month, we’ll be posting a “Facts & Figures” update on the work my incredible staff and I have done over the course of the past month. This will help folks get a sense of the caseload we handle, the number of questions we field from members of the public, how many people are taking advantage of our safekeeping service for wills, how we’re reducing paper, providing historical research for families, working to close estates as quickly as possible, and more. If there’s something you’re curious about, please feel free to ask and we’ll be happy to share more information and different statistics each month. We’ll also be updating you on ongoing projects and initiatives to streamline probate in Maryland and adopt best practices to serve you better. #PublicService #Transparency #Efficiency#SolutionsOriented #PromisesKept

I like it when elected officials share information…so I see this as a good thing.

Scott E