Spartan Considerations Blog Announces Retirement Of Platform

After 336 posts since 2014, including some guest op-eds, Jason Booms has announced retirement of the Spartan Considerations blog. Here is the post announcing the retirement of this platform:

This has been a blog I have read often since 2014 and I (as well as many others locally) are sad to see it retired. I was happy to read that he is considering a new platform in order to be an “active voice of the Left in HoCo politics”. He states in his article “Perhaps a new platform will help replenish the will to reflect and write upon topics.  Besides, there are officials (elected and otherwise) who need to be held to account…and candidates mercilessly critiqued.  How can I shirk my responsibilities, especially in these times?”.

This is the second big loss to the Howard County blogger community…after a 10 1/2 year run The 53 or 53 Beers On Tap blog retired back in December of 2018. Bill Woodcock transitioned to providing information via his new podcast Forward Maryland.

I look forward to seeing what Jason does next…and if I can be of any assistance with your next endeavor…I am here for you Jason.

Scott E

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