Information about this event can be found on Facebook. Here are details in the event via Hysteria Brewing Company:

Remember that one time you all voted for us as your fave local brewery to host a happy hour with the Comptroller Peter Franchot? I do. I printed out the image above and I sleep with it under my pillow. Sometimes I cuddle it.

Your first beer will be on Mr. Franchot. That’s pretty cool. It’ll be a story you can tell your kids. The Comptroller of MD bought you a beer. Eff. Yes.

Now, to help them out with this, you gotta email to RSVP. While it’s not required…it’ll help out with the planning. Ya know, the stuff you don’t see behind the scenes that I stress about and go more bald because of every day. You show up and get a ticket from his team and then just give me the ticket and I’ll pour you a beer of your choice! Literally, that easy!

We’ll have free food while he’s there. Still working out what it’ll be, but it’s free, stop complaining!


A free beer and an opportunity to meet with Peter Franchot (one of the most popular politicians in Maryland)…this might be an event to add to your calendar.

Here is a link to the event: As of this post…31 people are going and 161 are interested. Looks like it might be a well attended event here in Howard County.

I may bring the camera out that afternoon to get some photos for the blog.

Scott E