Right now there are two Representative in Congress Congressional District races outside of Howard County that I am watching closely (Districts 4 and 5).

In District 4, on July 3rd Shelia Bryant filed to run in the Democratic primary in the 2020 election…very probably putting her against the current elected member Congressman Anthony Brown (he has not officially filed to run as of this post but I expect he will seek reelection in 2020).

Here is a Facebook post of the filing on July 3rd:

Here is some information about Shelia Bryant (via her website):

Shelia Bryant is an attorney and activist in the area of Criminal Justice Reform. Growing up in rural Mississippi and in the ghettos of Los Angeles, she overcame poverty and racism to become one of a handful of African American women to achieve the rank of Colonel( O-6) in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

As an attorney, Ms. Bryant practiced in civil, criminal and family law in Oceanside, CA before accepting a civil service position for the U.S. Navy and relocating to Upper Marlboro Maryland. Her most recent civil service assignment was Inspector General for Naval Forces Europe and Africa while stationed in Naples, Italy.

There is much more…be sure to give it a look on the website:  http://www.bryantforcongress.com/

Shelia Bryant will be holding a “Campaign Launch Party!” event in Laurel on July 7th. You can view the details of that event on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/320822675470824/

I may try and make it out (if my schedule is open) and get some photos. It is close enough to home to give me that opportunity if I am free.

Congressman Brown ran unopposed in the 2018 primary and won the general election with more than 78% of the vote in District 4. Brown has more than $618,000 cash on hand per his latest campaign finance filing with the FEC. All of this said…he will not be easy to defeat in 2020.

It has been written that Brown might be open to a run for Governor in 2022 (Anthony Brown Might Run for Governor Again After Hogan Exits)…so maybe that opens the door a little in this race.

I love to give tips and advice to new candidates running for office…Here are a few tips for Shelia Bryant:

  • Add your social media links to your website ASAP!!!
  • Add your website link in your About page on Facebook.
  • Post those images on Facebook to Twitter…and use political and local hashtags for greater exposure.

This should be a fun race to cover over the next 298 days (that is how long until the 2020 primary).

I expect to be writing about Congressional District 05 in the near future…so stay tuned for a fun post on that race in the near future.

Scott E

Note – Image for the article obtained from Facebook.