Snowden River Parkway and Midway Business Center Intersection Traffic Signal to be Activated Today

Announced via press release:

Snowden River Parkway and Midway Business Center Intersection Traffic Signal to be Activated

As part of a developer improvement project to the Midway Business Center located in the 9300 block of Snowden River Parkway in Columbia, a newly installed traffic signal at the intersection of Snowden River Parkway and the entrance to the business center is scheduled to be activated today, July 2.

To alert motorists of the new signal, the signal will be set to temporarily flash yellow for Snowden River Parkway traffic and flash red for traffic entering and exiting the business center entrance. Motorists approaching the flashing yellow signal should proceed with caution through the intersection, while those with flashing red should stop before proceeding through intersection when clear. The flash operation will switch to full color (green, yellow and red) the afternoon of Tuesday, July 9.

Variable message sign boards will be deployed in the area to alert motorists of the upcoming change to the intersection. Additional signage will be posted to advise motorists of the revised traffic pattern once it is in place. 

For questions or concerns about this project, contact Lisa Brightwell, Public Works Customer Service, at 410-313-3440 or email


Just what Snowden River Parkway needs…another traffic light. Can’t wait to see what that does with rush hour traffic in the afternoons between Broken Land Parkway and Oakland Mills Road (both directions). I know between Lincoln Tech and the many new businesses opening (or planned to be opened in the future) back in that area it is generating more traffic coming and going out of that area…but it is a lot of lights to make your way through on that area of Snowden River Parkway.

You can mark me down as “not excited” to see this come fully online on July 9th.

Scott E

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