I saw a post on social media from one of the Howard County Board of Education members (Vicky Cutroneo) and thought this would be good to document on the blog…the new HoCoBOE “cluster assignments” are out for the 2019-2020 school year. Here is what was shared on Facebook:

Also shared are the new 2019-2020 HoCoBOE Committee and Community Assignments:

Here is the original post from HoCoBOE member Vicky Cutroneo:

Big thanks to Vicky Cutroneo for getting this information out quickly to your followers and to those in the community.

I am left to wonder if after the 2020 election if the system of cluster assignments will change in some way as five HoCoBOE members will be elected by district? Something for me to watch in the future.

Scott E


  1. As usual, the Elkridge area has a representative that knows NOTHING about the socio-economic structure of the area. Screwed again! Glad my 1st one will graduate next year and that we chose private school for the 2nd child. HCPSS is a segregated and financial mess.

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