Drone research is underway in Howard County

Back in early May 2019 a news release was issued “Work group to consider use of drone technology in Howard County“. I have not seen this talked about much since that news release…until yesterday when the Howard County Police Department posted the following information on Facebook:

Research is underway! The Howard County Police work group created last month to evaluate the possible use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, has been working hard to research the technology.

This week, the work group was joined by Chief Lisa Myers, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball and Howard County Sheriff’s Office’s Marcus Harris to take part in demonstrations of various drone technologies. The group learned about different UAS models and their capabilities. The demos were conducted by officers from other law enforcement agencies in Maryland that currently operate successful drone programs.

Law enforcement agencies across the nation have adopted aerial drones for a variety of uses, like locating lost children and seniors, providing real-time information about evolving situations, mapping and reaching remote crime scenes, and aiding search-and-rescue operations.

The HCPD work group is examining the technology, costs, usefulness, training and privacy issues in launching a program. A timetable for a final report has not yet been determined, but stay tuned!

Here is that post from HCPD:

I know many are still concerned after losing the local aviation unit in the HCPD so investigating this technology (I believe) is a great idea. My hope is that we continue to receive regular updates on what is happening with the workgroup or in regards to the research happening as this moves forward.

Scott E

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