Back on June 20th I wrote “Howard County Executive Calvin Ball Calls For A School System Audit” where  County Executive Ball states Today, I pre-filed a resolution calling on the Maryland State Department of Education to contract for a performance audit of the Howard County Public School System. The audit process is an important opportunity to assess our current path and find ways to support all of our children and educators, while making our schools even better. It will help us evaluate our strengths and determine how to spend more efficiently.”

Since then I have been attempting to obtain additional information or thoughts from the Howard County Board of Education members. Here is information I was sent today:

Hi Scott, 

Thank you for reaching out.  I was among a group of several Board members and the Superintendent who met with the County Executive on yesterday to discuss ways in which we can work together, including to refine the scope of the proposed audit to support our shared goals.  The school system’s renewed focus on transparency has made much of the information being sought already openly available online and through the continued collaboration with Dr. Ball, we will work on solutions to provide for the growing needs of our students and staff members.


At this time, there is no plan to discuss this at either our 4pm or 7pm session today.

Mavis Ellis, Chair
Howard County Board of Education


I sent a follow up request to Mavis Ellis (Chair of the Howard County Board of Education) and to Howard County Government Public Information Office to see if the discussion yesterday means that the bill (CR108) will be withdrawn? As of publishing this post…I have not heard back from either (although the HoCoGov PIO office responded that they would check on it for me). If I do hear back in the near future or if I hear that the bill has been withdrawn…I will update this post.

For those expecting a discussion on the topic to happen at the 4:00pm or 7:00pm HoCoBOE meeting today…well…read above…it will now not be happening in those sessions.

Stay tuned…there may be more on this topic in the near future.

ARTICLE UPDATE (June 28th): I received the following information from HoCoBOE Chair Mavis Ellis last night:

Just saw this.  Board meeting days are very busy.  At this time I do not think the proposed legislation will be pulled.  My understanding is that the County and HCPSS will work together to determine the specifics of the performance audit to inform our budget processes as we go forward as well as to provide transparency to our constituents.


If I get an additional update from HoCoGov I will update it here.

Scott E