Announced via news release on Facebook:

NEWS RELEASE: Detectives arrest three men in prostitution operation

In an effort to deter prostitution and human trafficking in Howard County, police conducted an undercover operation yesterday resulting in the arrest of three men for solicitation of prostitution and related charges.

Officers arrested the would-be johns for soliciting prostitution at a hotel in the 8800 block of Columbia 100 Parkway in Columbia. As part of the operation, detectives placed fake ads on websites known by detectives to be used for prostitution. Men who called the number in the ad spoke with an undercover officer who provided a meeting location upon the caller’s request. When the men arrived and offered money for sex acts, they were arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution and disorderly conduct:

(Names can be found in the HCPD report link above).

This operation is part of Howard County’s ongoing effort to combat prostitution, human trafficking and related offenses and aids in making the county an unappealing place for traffickers and johns.

If you are a victim of human trafficking, HCPD can offer housing, treatment and other help. If you suspect human trafficking, OR YOU, OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS A VICTIM:

• CALL 911 or 410-313-3200 to speak privately to a detective.
• Tip line: 410-290-3784 or email: [email protected]


The release was not specific on the location…but my guess it was in this general area possibly at one or more of these hotels (just know…this is a best guess…not specific knowledge I have on this situation):

Scott E