Over the weekend (June 22nd or June 23rd) did you see a black helicopter flying around Howard County? Many people did (I saw posts across multiple online platforms talking about it). It was not the police…it was not the FBI or CIA…nothing that exciting…apparently it was just BGE checking out power lines.

Here is a story from WBAL 11 from June 4th: “Helicopter used for inspections of high voltage power lines“. From the story:

If you see a helicopter with “NYPD” painted on the side flying low around area high voltage power lines, Baltimore Gas and Electric says there is no need for alarm — it’s all part of routine line inspections going on.

From the road, it can be a little of an unnerving site, a low flying helicopter getting very close to high voltage power lines.

“We are constantly doing work on our gas and electric system to ensure reliable service and safe service for customers,” Nicholas Alexopulos, of BGE, said.


Thanks to Nikki Marlatt-Young for allowing me to use this image for the story:

Scott E