Triadelphia Road Bridge over MD 32 – Eastbound Triadelphia Road will be closed and detoured on June 24th until summer 2020

The following announcement was made on Facebook on June 21st from Maryland State Highway Administration:

ADVISORY Howard Co. – Beginning Monday, June 24, the MDOT SHA will close one lane of the Triadelphia Road bridge to facilitate work on the bridge replacement as part of Phase II of the MD 32 widening project. Westbound traffic will be maintained while eastbound traffic will be detoured. The MDOT SHA expects the closure and detour to be in effect through summer 2020.

A similar statement was also found on the MDOT website via press release on June 21st:

• Triadelphia Road Bridge over MD 32 – Highway widening project – Eastbound Triadelphia Road will be closed and detoured until summer 2020. Westbound Triadelphia Road will be able to use existing bridge. new


Closed until summer of 2020…that will be sometime before you can go eastbound on Triadelphia at that location. Here is a map of that area:,+Maryland/@39.2646422,-76.9886994,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c827979dbff46d:0x7f39d2d4bd1df05b!8m2!3d39.2662371!4d-76.9771551

I have not seen the detour routes…but…I wonder how much this will affect bus routes to Folly Quarter Middle School or Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School next year? If you have kids in those schools…might be something to look into before next school year.

If you have more information…feel free to send it along and I will update this post.

Article Update: Here is the detour plan I was provided this morning on social media:

Scott E

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One comment

  1. The Triadelphia Road bridge detour is very poorly designed for bicyclists. The detour is on a narrow road with few pull-offs going up a steep hill. There will be a lot of car traffic using the same detour. Drivers won’t be appreciative of driving up that hill at 3 MPH. There are no good alternative detours in the area. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Raspberries to the Howard County planners that turned a deaf ear to a very verbal bicycling community.


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