Guest Speaker: Ms. Genevieve Morris

The US is currently facing two main public health crises, the opioid epidemic and the largest measles outbreak in 25 years. Policymakers at both the national and state levels are trying to develop ways to address both of these crises, but finding the right balance between personal autonomy and government oversight to ensure the health of the public can be difficult. We’ll discuss at a high level the policies being proposed and implemented to address these crises and how we can shape better policies moving forward.

Genevieve Morris is the founder of Integral Health Strategies (IHS), which provides health IT policy and strategy consulting services to the industry. Prior to starting IHS, Ms. Morris most recently served as a political appointee both as the Chief Health Information Officer (CH10) for the VA’s Office of EHR Modernization and as the Principal Deputy National Coordinator for Health IT at the Office of the National Coordinator (an agency under Health and Human Services). In her time at ONC, Ms. Morris led the development of policies, regulations, and procedures to enable health information to be electronically exchanged securely with ease. Prior to serving as the Principal Deputy National Coordinator, M. Morris worked as a consultant to ONC in a variety of areas such as policy, standards and technology, and grant programs. Ms. Morris has developed various policies for health IT with the goal of enabling patients to easily access their own health information and ensure that their providers can access their health information when they need to in order to provide better care. Ms. Morris has worked in the health IT field for over 10 years and collaborated on several publications on the topics of health information exchange and meaningful use. Ms. Morris holds a Master’s degree in political science from Temple University and a Bachelor’s degree in history education from Northland International University.





6:30 PM — 8:30 PM


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