District 12 Delegate Terri Hill held a 60th Birthday Celebration / Fundraising Event at The Turn House on June 17th. I was able to make it out for a short time to take some photos of the event:

I was not able to stay as long as I would have liked or get as many photos as I would have liked (that is what happens when I start talking to people instead of taking photos of the crowd). Here is one I took on my way out of the event:

As you can see it was a VERY well attended event for Delegate Terri Hill.


Here is a post from Delegate Hill on Facebook with more images:

Delegate Hill is scheduled to be a guest on Elevate Maryland this afternoon…be sure to give it a listen.

You will notice photos with folks in the Less Plastic Please t-shirts. While I have battled at times with them online over the potential Howard County Bag Tax…I had a nice conversation with them at the event…no controversy during our discussion and no one was injured (I was outnumbered so that was a bit of a concern for me…just kidding)! It really was a good conversation. I hope to have more conversations with them in the future on the topic of the best way to reduce plastics in Howard County.

Scott E