I attended the ribbon cutting at the MVA Columbia Annex this morning (June 17th). Maryland Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford was on hand to officially cut the ribbon and open the facility.

Here are a few photos from the event (click to view all photos on Facebook):

A few takeaways from me from the event:

  • This new Annex will only be used to service individuals with appointments to take care of their Federal Real ID Act requirements.
  • WBAL 11 was the only TV station that attended (that I saw)…there are a couple of photos of cameraman. Wonder if I will be on the news this afternoon…I might have to watch and see…LOL.
  • The Lt. Governor took care of his Real ID requirements soon after the ribbon cutting at this facility (see…it really is everyone that needs to do it).
  • No locally elected officials were on hand at the event (although one staffer for Delegate Ebersole attended). The press release for this ribbon cutting was not released until Friday…so maybe no time to coordinate everyone schedules…or some other reason. Not 100% sure.
  • There is a new press release from MVA about the ribbon cutting: READ HERE

I have said this before…but will say it again…If you are one of the “more than 40,000” people that are required to have this completed by July 3rd (or even by October 2019)…get it done ASAP.

Still not sure if you are required to turn in your documents as part of this…click on THIS LINK and enter your drivers license number…MVA will tell you. It really is that simple. If you are required…just follow the instructions and make an appointment online. Read about “My Federal Real ID Act Experience At Maryland MVA In Columbia” back in May.


Scott E