This is being reported by many news sources this morning. Four suspects are on the loose and one person is dead after a burglary at United Gun Shop in Rockville. (I know, I do not write about Montgomery County much…but there is a reason for this post).

According to police: they found a bag with multiple firearms inside in a backyard not far from the scene. Three other guns were found outside the car the suspects tried to get away in. It appears two stolen cars were used in the incident — one to ram the storefront and a getaway car.

Here are links to the story from other sources:

Why did I mention this story…well it sounds VERY similar to what happened in Laurel yesterday…when suspects drove a car into Fox Firearms and stole guns.

I have no way to know if these two things are related…but they sound like they might be related. I really hope they catch those four suspects SOON!!!

Scott E