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The Department of Public Works began to clean-out of several properties recently acquired by the County along Main Street. These clean-out activities will remove contents left behind from previous residents and businesses, a necessary step to ensure the structures can be safely entered, maintained, and secured. Many of these structures contain debris from the flood waters, including sediment and tree remnants, which will be removed. Follow on activities to remove selected materials on the interior will take place over the coming weeks. Once completed, these activities will permit full documentation of structures, necessary for the federal Section 106 process and detailed design efforts.

During the clean out activities, no impact to Main Street traffic is anticipated. If sidewalk closures become necessary, signage will be posted at the nearest crosswalk on each side of the closure, identifying location of the closure and noting that businesses remain open. These activities will take place Monday – Friday. All construction vehicles and sidewalk closures, if necessary, will be removed at the end of each work day no later than 5:00pm.


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Glad to see the work begin. Sad to hear that many of these structures still contain debris from the flood waters, including sediment and tree remnants at this time (last flood date was May 27, 2018). Hopefully there are no surprises found in the clean up process with these buildings.

Here is additional information on National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106:

Keep an eye out for signage for sidewalk closures. If that happens…be sure to drop me a line with a photo (

Scott E