Via Press Release – June 12, 2019:

ELLICOTT CITY – Today, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball joined a group of elected officials and the Howard County Library System (HCLS) to honor Clarksville Middle School 8th grader, Saketh Sundar, one of the co-champions at this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee. Ball officially declared June 12, 2019 as “Saketh Sundar Day” in Howard County and the spelling champ was presented with a plant called a “bougainvillea,” in honor of the word he correctly spelled in the final round. Mr. Sundar has won the Howard County Spelling Bee for the last four years. Photos from the celebration can be found here.

For the past eight months, 11 million students nationwide have been vying to compete for the coveted title. In May, 565 spellers took the stage at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center at National Harbor in Prince George’s County. After going 20 rounds into the early hours of the morning, Saketh Sundar was named the National Champion along with 7 other spellers.

“I was really honored to represent Howard County in the Scripps National Spelling Bee for the last four years,” said Spelling Bee Champion Saketh Sundar. “For someone who has read the thousands of words in the dictionary, I have no words today to express my gratitude and thankfulness to my principals and teachers. Thank you everyone for being a part of this celebration and making this day a memorable one.” 

“Saketh, we are so proud of you, and on a personal note, I’m not just proud of you for your success. I’m proud of you for your journey,” said Ball. “To go from 46th to 1st place shows the kind of perseverance and drive you’re going to use to be successful in every one of your endeavors in the future.”

“The entire county cheered you on, Saketh, we are so glad to have you here today,” said HCLS President Tonya Kennon. “Thanks to our staff and community members who have assisted with our Spelling Bee over the years.”

On behalf of the Maryland General Assembly, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Saketh,” said Senator Clarence Lam.

“We also commend you for being the first 4-time champion of the Howard County Library System spelling bee, on behalf of the Howard County delegation,” added Delegate Teri Hill.

“Thank you so much for bringing this championship to Howard County and to Maryland,” said Council Member Deb Jung. “It is an exceptional achievement to be a part of the first group of [8 co-champions] in the 92-year history of the event.”

“You are winning today Saketh, and you will continue to win,” said HCPSS Superintendent Martirano. “All of this is emblematic of our support for our young people: having high standards, and a supportive and total community.” 



Here is a post via Facebook from Howard County Executive Ball:

Congrats Saketh Sundar…great job!!!

Scott E

Note – Image in the article via Howard County Government on Flickr.