From time to time I check out where traffic to Scott E’s Blog comes from…and noticed something interesting a couple of days ago…I had a new source of traffic…News Break App. I had no clue what that was so I gave it a look. Here is some info about it (from their website):


Keep up with news, traffic, crime and more form your neighborhoods and communities.


Enjoy a highly personalized feed catering your curiosity and preference by AI technology.


Read a curated daily brief featuring local breaking news, events, and more.


Revive the local news ecosystem and encourage small publishers to create great content.


Go beyond the mainstream topics and get down to the nitty-gritty of what really matters to you.


Stay informed by getting alerts and emergencies quicker, smoother, better.


Here is an example of a Scott E’s Blog post on the app:

I now have this app on my phone and make sure to watch it for local information. It is great that they list Scott E’s Blog as a resource…but it is also a good resource of news from other sources.

One question…now the Scott E’s Blog is here…does that make me really part of the media now? LOL!!!!

Be sure to download it and give it a look. You might enjoy the local information it provides.

Scott E