Howard County Recycling Goes Plastic Bag Free On June 15th

Here is a reminder from Howard County Government on Facebook:

REMINDER: Starting this Saturday, June 15, the County’s Bureau of Environmental Services will no longer be accepting curbside recycling placed out in plastic bags. Items placed out for recycling, should be placed loose in your county assigned recycling bin/cart. Items placed out for recycling collection in plastic bags will not be collected.

Those looking to recycle their clean plastic bags, can do so at participating local grocery stores, big box stores and other retailers who have plastic bag collection bins set up, normally inside the store’s front entrance. Check out the Bureau’s “Know Before You Throw” website,, for a map of participating locations.

For questions and/or more information about curbside recycling and/or this change, please contact the Bureau of Environmental Services at 410-313-6444 or email

They also attached the following video to the post:


I am good with this initiative…and good with the words of our County Executive about this initiative “Making Howard County the most environmentally friendly jurisdiction in the state and region is a goal of my administration and we ask that all of our residents adapt household practices that help us achieve a cleaner and greener future.”

My question remains…will the Howard County Council and our County Executive take this same approach (plastic bag bans) when they begin to start discussions on plastic bags at checkout or will they take the “tax us on a product provided to us by stores” approach to raise revenue for the stores and the county?

Read the article: Westminster Plastic Bag Ban And What That Could Mean For Howard County for more on my thoughts on this issue.

Scott E

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