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USPS Baited Worker With Hostile Review, NLRB Says

By Braden Campbell

Law360 (June 5, 2019, 4:36 PM EDT) — The U.S. Postal Service violated federal labor law by firing a worker over his exasperated response to a negative performance review given days after his reinstatement following an earlier firing dispute, the National Labor Relations Board said Tuesday.

Overturning an agency judge’s ruling that Larry Thurman Pretlow II’s firing was legal even though his bosses set up the evaluation because of his earlier legal challenge, the unanimous board panel said it would be unfair to let USPS couch its decision to can Pretlow in an outburst it courted.

“Here, [USPS] asserts that it discharged Pretlow because his conduct prevented it from completing its evaluation of his work performance,” the board said. “However, because the respondent initiated the evaluation in retaliation for Pretlow’s prior grievance and arbitration, the evaluation itself was unlawful.”


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The case is USPS and Larry Thurman Pretlow II, case number 05-CA-180590, before the National Labor Relations Board.

I reached out to Larry Pretlow for a statement and this is what he sent me:

Let this not be a secret but a demonstration of great strength.

I take great pride in not just standing up for myself but for others as well. The last few years of my life have been embattled by the consequences of being rightfully yet inconveniently vocal.

In addition to being an everyday person, I’ve dealt with divorce before age 30 (I’ll be 30 June 19th), co-parenting while separating, and even running for political office.

I am most proud for my sharp mind and the most thankful for the folks who believed me the most when others “just knew they knew what really happened.” I encouraged the General Counsel to fight harder and harder and they did just that – they weren’t always with me. I’m thankful however for their support in this matter.

Many people will try to spin this and create an unfair narrative of me. I will always appreciate those who allow me to be human. This is a testament to my skill and Leadership.

I will not get into the details of the matter. What’s important is that I fought! I fought! And I won. When all odds were against me, I fought and won. I pushed a team of lawyers to make it happen – and I’m no lawyer. That’s what really matters, we got it done – and I’ll fight for the people too!


Larry Pretlow remains the only candidate to file or officially announce running for Howard County Board of Education in 2020. Pretlow is seeking the seat in District 2.

You can keep up with happenings on the Howard County Board of Education election here: The Primary Election is April 28, 2020…only 327 days away.

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