If you missed this yesterday…be sure to give the interview below a listen. Here is information from mix1065baltimore.radio.com:

Wow, yesterday I talked on air about the Howard County BOE meeting that devasted the community! For the record, I know this is also a MAJOR problem for other Maryland counties…as well as a national issue too! Well since I’m just a passionate father, who’s a DJ on the radio…let’s go to an educated source, Colleen Morris the President of The Howard County Teachers Union, to find out why this happened, what’s getting cut/lost and how do we fix this now…check it out!

Here is the radio interview:

View the full blog post here: https://mix1065baltimore.radio.com/blogs/priestly/howard-county-board-education-slashing-teachers-budgets-and-students-futures?fbclid=IwAR30eswsDl9kRCNLdjspqblV37eHbqSE2Cv_BICQDc5uBvmP99v4E4CVqKU

If you missed the Facebook post / video the day before…check it out here:

I love the comments about technology…and could not agree more with his comments on that topic.

I hope Priestly on Mix 106.5 continues to talk about the happenings here in Howard County. If he does…he will have a new listener in me.

The final HoCoBOE budget will be approved at a meeting today at 4:00pm…stay tuned…more coming soon.

Scott E