The final Howard County Board of Education Public Work Session on FY20 Operating & Capital Budget Requests and FY21-25 Capital Improvement Program is happening today at 5:00pm.

I expect many discussions on cost savings based on the budget recently approved by the Howard County Council (where they approved an additional $2 million in funding above the proposed County Executive budget for HCPSS in 2020). We all know the HCPSS wanted significantly more money and I expect that will play into the discussions this afternoon.

HCPSS Superintendent Martirano presented a document at the Howard County Board of Education meeting on May 8th that outlined some potential cuts and cost savings needed to make up the expected funding shortfall in 2020. I do not know if that document has been reworked in any way…but may give an outline into some cost savings…some of the cost savings include:

  • Reduction of elementary technology teachers from 62.2 to 42.0
  • Reduction of elementary instrumental music teachers from 52 to 26
  • Reduction of G/T teachers – elementary from 79.5 to 42; middle from 60 to 20
  • Reduction of Elementary Paraeducators from 216 to 132
  • Elimination of Middle School Math Paraeducators (15 positions)
  • Increase class size by either 1 or 2 (by 1 = $6.96M and 2 = $13.3M)

Now NONE of this is a done deal…just things noted in the document on May 8th. Tonight should be an interesting and lively discussion…one worth watching. I wonder if the discussion around significant travel stipends will once again come up this afternoon…it should (in my opinion).

There has been a pretty strong push on social media to reach out to the decision makers on the potential cuts…here is one example of a public post on Facebook:


Other local bloggers have written this morning about Music Education advocacy.

Here are email addresses if you would like to reach out prior to the meeting this afternoon:

Board of Education:

HCPSS Superintendent

The Howard County Board of Education Adoption of the FY20 Operating & Capital Budgets will be on June 6th.

Scott E