Police seek suspect in fatal Ellicott City shooting – Rane Dellinger, 20, of Autumn Hill Drive in Ellicott City

Update 6/3/19: Rane Dellinger was arrested in North Carolina this morning: READ MORE

NEWS RELEASE: Police seek suspect in fatal Ellicott City shooting

Howard County police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred last night in Ellicott City and are seeking the whereabouts of the suspect.

Detectives have obtained an arrest warrant for Rane Dellinger, 20, of Autumn Hill Drive in Ellicott City, and are encouraging him to turn himself in to police.

Officers were called to the 4200 block of Montgomery Road just before 10 p.m. for a report that a man had been shot while sitting in his parked vehicle.

Jacob Robert Mauer, 20, of Haycarriage Court in Ellicott City, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Through preliminary investigation, detectives believe Mauer, Dellinger and a friend were sitting in the car, parked behind a building using drugs. Police believe Dellinger fired a single shot which struck Mauer, and then fled from the scene. Police are still investigating the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

Anyone with information should contact police at 410-313-STOP or HCPDcrimetips@howardcountymd.gov.


This is not the first time HCPD has mentioned Dellinger online…from January 19, 2017:

NEWS RELEASE: Police charge three suspects in recent commercial burglaries.

Howard County police have charged three suspects in a recent series of commercial burglaries.

Between Jan. 1 and 3, four Ellicott City businesses were victims of burglary. Through investigation, police identified and charged three local suspects.

Yae Gang Chung, 18, of Manahan Drive in Ellicott City, Rane Nikolas Dellinger, 18, of Autumn Hill Drive in Ellicott City, and a juvenile male, 16, of Ellicott City, have been charged with burglary, theft and malicious destruction of property in the following cases:

Jan. 1, International Food Mart, 8700 block of Town and Country Boulevard: Suspects gained entry to the business by breaking the front door glass and stole cigarettes.

Jan. 1, VFW, 4200 block of VFW Lane: Suspects gained entry to the building by breaking a window and stole bottles of alcohol.

Chung and Dellinger were charged with burglary, theft and malicious destruction of property in the following additional cases:

Jan. 2, Allview Liquors, 9400 block of Old Annapolis Road: Suspects gained entry to the business by breaking a window and stole bottles of alcohol.

Jan. 3, Petite Cellars, 11000 block of Resort Road: Suspect gained entry to the business by breaking the rear door and stole bottles of wine.

The 16-year-old juvenile was also charged with destruction of property in incidents at Classic Kia of Ellicott City and Norris Acura West in the 8500 block of Baltimore National Pike after he shot dealership and vehicle windows with a bb gun in late December.

Chung and Dellinger have been released from the Howard County Detention Center after posting bond; the juvenile was released to the custody of a guardian.


If I am reading the case search information correctly from the 2017 case (Case Number: 13-K-17-057490)…he served a whopping 2 days in jail of a 10 year sentence (and received 2 years probation).

I am not sure how to categorize this except that it appears to be another failure of our legal system here in Howard County. This is the second recent homicide from criminals that maybe should not be on the street.

Have thoughts…let me know in the comments.

Scott E

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  1. Oh, Scott! This may just be a classic case of “affluenza.” Poor little well off white boy with no sense of responsibility or accountability is let off the hook for lesser “shenanigans.” You know good family. Nice neighborhood. “Clearly” just a case of misguided youthful exuberance … until somebody dies. Somehow this will be deemed “an accident.” Lesser charge of manslaughter. House arrest or some otherwise benign sentence. Tears at the trial. “He’s not a bad kid.” The word “potential” will be flung around by a well paid lawyer. Ya da ya da ya da.

    I’m not surprised one bit. I’ve seen people (Black men) do more time over a suspended drivers license in Howard County than this kid will probably get.


    • Brooke I understand what you’re saying but this isnt that “Affluenza”. Maybe shenanigans but Rane still received 2 years probation and would have otherwise gotten 10 years. For stealing some alcohol and cigarettes. You know how many kids in the area and everywhere do that? Yes the circumstance is different in that he stole from businesses, but is kids stealing from parents a different principal? Yes this was an accidental shooting. Rane and Jake were best friends. Of course tears at the trial his best friend just died. Violating his probation would have got him 10 years plus having a gun and being under 21, drugs, manslaughter/murder/assault charges the list goes on so min lets say 15/20 years min before eligibility of parole? A well paid lawyer can get nearly anyone out of nearly anything If a man with suspended license is getting prison time instead of jail time then there’s other issues that need to be addressed.


  2. It’s real easy for people to point the finger and blame the “system” and sometimes it is their fault but not in this case. The 2017 charge was a first offense and a 10 year suspended sentence is really stiff! Regardless of what color he is and where he’s from! Sorry but this was drug related and no one is to blame but the one who pulled the trigger!


  3. Mark. Sorry for your ignorance and selfishness. I know it’s easier to sleep at night ignoring the injustices other suffer as long as you’re doing fine, but some of us prefer to live in a just society. You know a society where a person receiving 3 million fewer votes isn’t president.


  4. Drug use is common in the EC area. Drugs flow to people who can afford them. It’s always there like an underlyjng infection. Eating away at the foundation, only to be seen when a piece crumbles.


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