Wilson Orellana-Lemus faces new charges in the homicide of Amanda Nicole Harris and assault of William James Webb

New charges have been filed against Wilson Orellana-Lemus that include first-degree rape and theft: $1,500 to Under $25,000. Here is some background on this story:

Howard County police arrested Wilson Orellana-Lemus in the May 5 homicide of Amanda Nicole Harris and assault of William James Webb in Columbia.

On May 11th Wilson Orellana-Lemus was charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, home invasion and theft.

On May 29th the case was forwarded from the District Court For Howard County – Criminal to the Circuit Court For Howard County – Criminal and new charges were added…they include: RAPE FIRST DEGREE and Theft: $1,500 To Under $25,000. Case number C-13-CR-19-000388.

Wilson Orellana-Lemus continues to be held without bond. A Hearing – Initial Appearance in Circuit Court is scheduled for June 21st at 8:30am.

As a reminder…This is not the first run in with the law in Howard County for Wilson Orellana-Lemus. He was charged and pled guilty to 4th Degree Burglary in 2017 after breaking into a residence. Wilson Orellana-Lemus served 60 days (of the total 1 year sentence) in jail prior to being released. (READ MORE)

I have not seen anything released from Howard County Police or Howard County States Attorney about the new charges…but they are available to review online. If an official announcement is released…I will be sure to write it up on the blog.

Scott E

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  1. Scott – when he was first arrested there was a LOT of talk that he is here illegally. Have you been able to get any info/confirmation of his status?


    • I have seen those comments as well but I have not seen it reported on any other outlet and I do not have any proof that it is true. If someone does have that information…feel free to send it along to me.


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