Images and Video from Tornado Warning On May 30 in Howard County

Article update: The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Howard County on Thursday afternoon (May 30th). It was the second tornado to hit Howard County within a week. This time, the tornado touched down in Glenelg around 3:22 p.m.

I have been scanning social media for images and video of the weather captured during the tornado warning in Howard County on May 30th…here is some of what I have found:


Old Annapolis road in Columbia/Ellicott City, heading towards Centennial
Justin Berk, Meteorologist

Submitted by Diana Kavadias



These downed trees on 32, along with a downed power line pole over Ten Oaks and a downed tree on Linthicum are in a line east to west. I’m no meteorologist, but that’s the path of a tornado.




I am sure we will see more on social media…If I see more public posts that I can share here…I will.

Scott E

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