3 HoCo Delegation Bills Become Law Without Governor Hogan’s Signature

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has decided to let a significant amount of legislation become law without his signature…here is a listing: HOUSE BILLS | SENATE BILLS

3 Howard County Delegation Bills are included in that list and will become law…they are:

HB0869 – Howard County – Alcoholic Beverages – Marketplace License Ho. Co. 06–19

  • Establishing a marketplace license in Howard County; authorizing the Board of License Commissioners to issue the license to certain individuals; requiring an applicant for a marketplace license to include a list of the names of vendors and agents within the marketplace that will be authorized to sell beer, wine, and liquor under the license; authorizing a license holder to obtain a refillable container permit and a nonrefillable container permit under certain conditions; establishing an annual license fee of $6,000; etc.

HB1166 – Howard County – Authority to Impose Fees for Use of Disposable Bags Ho. Co. 04-19

  • Authorizing Howard County to impose, by law, a fee on certain retail establishments for the use of disposable bags as part of a retail sale of products; limiting the amount of the fee to not more than 5 cents for each disposable bag used; defining “disposable bag” as a plastic bag provided by a store to a customer at the point of sale; requiring the county to use certain revenue only for a certain environmental purpose or the implementation, administration, and enforcement of the fee; etc.

HB1409 – Howard County – School Facilities Surcharge – Rates Ho. Co. 03-19

  • Altering the amount of the school facilities surcharge in Howard County for certain types of residential construction; authorizing the County Council of Howard County to enact a local law providing for the annual alteration of the amount of the school facilities surcharge based on consideration of certain issues; prohibiting the County Council from imposing a school facilities surcharge on residential new construction that is classified as senior housing and an affordable housing unit under certain provisions of the County Code; etc.

I am sad no action was taken on HB1166. Now we wait and see what the Howard County Council will do…will they choose to implement a tax on shoppers that accept plastic bags at checkout, will they choose the better option of banning plastic bags or will they not take this issue up this year.

I promise I will be watching closely.

Scott E

One comment

  1. Hopefully someone will tell the retailers what the new laws are. We only use paper bags. And they are part of our brand. Not sure how it affects us. Will be watching as well.


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