Ever wonder how much Howard County Public School System staff get paid to drive around the county to go from school to school…there is a MPIA request for that:


Requested Information
I am requesting the mileage stipends that are given on a monthly basis rather than individuals who have to submit miles on a per diem form. Also include the annual salary for each individual with a mileage stipend.
Date Received
Responsive Documents
Monthly auto stipend amounts for HCPSS staff along with the annual salary for those who receive.

*Some request language is summarized to include the requester’s specific document requests and remove legally protected information (such as personally identifiable information of a student).

**Responses that contain legally protected information are not posted to this site – these responses are set directly to requesters. Howard County Public Schools reserves the right to remove erroneous or outdated documents from this site.



Here is a photo of the Excel chart:

So the HCPSS Superintendent receives $12,000 a year for travel around the county. You tell me…is that a lot of money to travel from school to school in the county or does that sound like the right amount of money for someone paid $285,000 per year to hold that position?

Also…look at the others receiving significant “Auto Allowances”. According to the chart…we (the tax payers) pay at least $11,700 per month (or $140,400 per year) in travel allowances for HCPSS staff.

That seems like a big number to me…but maybe it is not…you tell me. Give me some feedback in the comments on the post or on social media.

Scott E



  1. I think it’s ridiculous that school Superintendents in MD make that much money…..period…..and then with “perks”! The governor of the State of MD makes $185,000-195,000 (approx) per year. I don’t know how running a school system could be more complicated than running an entire state?

  2. As one that’s had to submit monthly expense reimbursement request reports for the past 25 years (always been in a position that requires travel), I’m anti-allowance in general, but especially when you’re talking about taxpayer money. In the Superintendent’s case, his salary is basically $297,000, as he gets the $12k whether he travels or not (no documentation required under an allowance plan). Same goes for everybody else on this list.

  3. So let’s see….let’s say a regular person gets 50 cents a mile, then the superintendent would have to go 2,000 in a month to hit $1,000. Wow. No way.

  4. I don’t know what the competition pays, but you have to pay top dollar to get top talent, which i think is what we want for our school system. I don’t begrudge these personnel benefits, assuming the BOE has done it’s job and knows what is an appropriate compensation package.

  5. As others have said I think that they should get paid per mile like the rest of the country. If they find tracking and filling is hard I would rather create a job with that 140k a year to track it

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