Howard County Council Video Streaming Service Was Down on May 20th

The Howard County Council held a Public Hearing on May 20th with a significant agenda. Apparently the video streaming service was offline for this meeting. You can see the image above that is currently on the Howard County Council website and here is a tweet from the Howard County Council twitter account:

While it is great the some people can watch the meeting via GTV on Verizon and Comcast…for those that have “Cut The Cord” and could not attend the evening meeting in person…we miss out on what happened last night. That is very disappointing.

The video streaming service had issues back on May 15th for a budget meeting relating to the Board of Education Operating Budget. Luckily the service was fixed and back online nearly 30 minutes into that meeting.

The question has to be asked…is there a major problem with the video streaming service utilized by Howard County Government resources? Is this now the new normal or is this something that will be resolved going forward.

Again…there are many that watch these meetings online…and not everyone has Verizon or Comcast…so what will the county do to make this service to the public more reliable than it has been recently?

I will continue to keep an eye on this topic.

Scott E

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  1. This has happened a few times recently There was no GTV coverage for one legislative meeting. At least they put a notice up now. Up until 2 years ago there was TV coverage of Council work sessions also. That was cut for budgetary reasons I was told. I find work sessions more informative than regular public meetings.


  2. Who wants to watch videos? Howard County needs an enforceable law, with a penalty component. ALL Howard County public meetings shall have a certified transcript of the full meeting available on the County website 48 hours after the meeting. Failure is not an option.


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