Scott E’s Blog got a mention on the Facebook page of Center Maryland yesterday as they broke down some recent happenings around Howard County. If you missed it…here is the video:

Here is the text of the Facebook post:

A special Howard County Maryland edition of Center Maryland. Talking about Calvin Ball’s BIG education and NO tax increase budget from Scott E’s Blog reporting. The Baltimore Sun reports on Liz Walsh’s recent zoning board recusal. Liquor Board Chair and County Councilmember Deb Jung‘s big chance to reinforce ROUSE, walkability, and Downtown lifestyle. Downtown Columbia Arts and Culture Commission‘s June 29 Soulful Symphony debut. Phillip Dodge‘s Books in Bloom Literary Festival. [Sorry for some of the caption flubs! I will improve]. Dedicate this Mother’s Day weekend special to my favorite HoCo moms Diana Milford Ulman, Maureen Casey Dunn and Helen Yungmann.

I always love it when the blog gets a mention on other channels…so a big thanks to Center Maryland.


Coming up this week I am scheduled to be on the Forward Maryland Podcast hosted by Bill Woodcock:

We will be talking about the blog, local happenings around Howard County and and number of other topics. I will have a post with a link to listen to that podcast when it is online.

Scott E