Wilson Orellana-Lemus, 22, of Tamebird Court in Columbia, has been charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, home invasion and theft in the May 5 homicide of Amanda Nicole Harris and assault of William James Webb in Columbia. (READ MORE HERE)

This is not the first run in with the law in Howard County for Wilson Orellana-Lemus. He was charged and pled guilty to 4th Degree Burglary in 2017.

Here is information from the HCPD Daily Crime Log on August 14, 2017:

Columbia, 21045: 8700 block of Cloudleap Court, Aug. 14 12:09 a.m.
An adult female victim reported that she awoke to a male suspect in her bedroom. The suspect then fled. Police responded, located and arrested the suspect a short time later. Nothing was reported stolen.
ARRESTED: Wilson Orellana-Lemus, 20, of Indian Camp Road in Columbia, charged with burglary

Here is information via Maryland Case Search:

I have reached out to the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office and asked how long of the one year Jail Term sentence Wilson Orellana-Lemus served in jail…here is the response they sent me:

Mr. Orellana-Lemus’ original sentence called for 1 year in jail with all but 60 days of that time to be suspended. Thus, he served 60 days (of the total 1 year sentence) in jail prior to being released. Also, his most recent arrest has caused him to be in violation of this 2017 probation. He has approximately 10 months remaining on his original sentence (1 year minus 60 days) for which a judge can give him concurrent or consecutive time if found guilty of the violation.

I want to thank the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office for responding to my inquiry.

Now you don’t get a lot of details in the crime log and the court case search. I was able to obtain additional information.

The victim in 2017 incident provided a victims statement in that case…here is the text of that statement provided:

Good morning Your Honor:

On August 14th, I woke up to the most terrifying and traumatizing event of my whole life. A stranger, a male stranger, was staring at me in my bedroom next to my bed, inches away from my face wearing nothing but green underwear while I was undressed in the comfort of my home. I have no words to describe all the horrible feelings I had at that moment. Dozens of thoughts ran through my mind in a fraction of a second. I remember thinking “this person is here to hurt me” “if he does what will he do to my son?” “Will we survive this encounter that is about to happen?”
Although, I am physically safe, I wish I could say the same about my emotional and mental state.
I still feel violated, uneasy, frightened, insecure and mostly terrified.
My home was my temple, my sanctuary and unfortunately it doesn’t feel that way anymore.
My home now makes me feel most vulnerable and exposed. There is not a single day that I don’t think about how dangerous my place could be. I’ve changed my locks, I’m on constant high alert and I lock the doors even if I am picking up mail from the mailbox ten feet away from my front door. Every time I enter my home, I feel the need to grab any object as a source of protection and check every single space before fully heavy locking the door.
I know many of my questions will never be answered. Such as how or when he entered my apartment. Was it when I was alone? or after my boyfriend came and sat on the couch two feet away from the only entrance?
I will never know how he managed to not make any noise while he was supposedly extremely intoxicated considering my floors are very noisy.
I will never know how he was able to exit my apartment when he was caught and running three floors down with such speed and precision considering how intoxicated the police officers said he was. I will never know how long he was inside my apartment before I turned the lights off. These are just of the few thoughts and things I relive every single day. It is exhausting, mentally and emotionally.
All I know is that I hope the defendant does not repeat this offense ever again. I hope he does not do this to anybody that might not be as lucky as I was having a guardian dog and a boyfriend in the living room.
What happened to me is something I used to think only happened in horror movies. The defendant’s actions taught me that terror can happen in the tranquillity of your home while you are sleeping. This is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life, same as my son who has autism and has not been able to sleep at night because he’s afraid someone will come into our home again. He is also affected by this traumatic event.
I appreciate the opportunity this court has granted me to express my deepest feelings. Thank you.

I have omitted the victims name in this post and that person did provide me permission to publish the statement above.

I am in total shock when I read the victims statement and then saw what Wilson Orellana-Lemus was charged with, convicted of and the very minimal sentence he received in 2017 and the minimal time he served in jail of that sentence.

Sometimes you watch the legal system in this county (and country) and say what the heck is happening in that system? We have to be better than this when it comes to protecting people against those that break the law in this way. (That is my rant for this post)

We have a new Howard County State’s Attorney (Rich Gibson) who was elected in 2018. I will be very interested in seeing how he and his office not only handle this case before them but other cases that come before his office. Maybe something I write about a little more regularly on this blog.

Scott E