Howard County Executive Calvin Ball will make an announcement at 11:30am…letting us all know which of the 5 options he plans to move forward with in regards to the Ellicott City Flood Mitigation Plan. Here is the full press release about the announcement happening today:

County Executive Ball To Announce Ellicott City Flood Mitigation Plan

May 10, 2019

Media Contact:
Scott L. Peterson, Director of Communications, Office of Public Information, 202-277-9412

The announcement represents a key piece of Ball’s comprehensive “Safe and Sound” plan

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County Executive Calvin Ball will announce his decision for an Ellicott City flood mitigation plan on Monday.

The announcement represents a key piece of Phase 2 for his Ellicott City ‘Safe and Sound’ plan. In April, Ball presented five possible flood mitigation plans for public comment, to make the process more community-driven. He received feedback via email, the website, and a public meeting. Now, Ball will announce his decision and detail the flood mitigation plan.

Information on the five options can be found here. More information on the entire ‘Safe and Sound’ plan can be found here.

Announcement of ‘Safe and Sound’ flood mitigation plan

Monday, May 13th at 11:30 AM

George Howard Building – Columbia/Ellicott Room (First floor)
3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD

To launch a comprehensive plan to reduce flooding and keep residents safe

Calvin Ball, Howard County Executive


So that is the announcement happening around mid-day. Now on to my best guess on which option I think will be chosen. Let me say this first…I have NO inside knowledge and I am making a best guess (that is seriously all this is). Just curious if I get it right or not…something fun to do and something as a blogger I can do here.

So…here are the 5 options (click to view larger version):

The options I am throwing out of the mix and why:

  • Option 3G.8.0 – This is the most expensive option and given the budget issues I would guess this one will not be chosen.
  • Option 3G.6.0 – This is the least expensive option (good for the budget) but may be seen as taking the cheapest approach to dealing with EC so I am guessing no to this option.
  • Option 3G.5 – This option removes the most buildings (6) so I am guessing this one will not make the cut. Removing buildings is a big deal and the less number of buildings removed the better for many in the community.

That leaves me with options 3F.5 and 3G.7.0. I can easily make the case for both plans…but looking at the estimated cost and the number of boxes checked off in each plan…my guess is this:

3F.5 is my best guess as what will be chosen. The pricing is dead center in the middle of all of the options and it has a lot of deliverables that will all help that area. If there are reasons it might not be chosen…it does not include the North or South Tunnels (3G.7.0 includes the North Tunnel) and it does not include the NC-3 Pond (all of the other options has that in it).

I figure I have a 20% chance of being right today. We will all find out after the announcement today at 11:30am. I am betting the County Executive will be streaming the announcement (they have been great at that since taking office) so if I can not attend in person I will try and catch it online.

Article update: The plan chosen at the press conference today was option 3G.7.0…so I was close (had it in my final 2) but I missed. I will have a full article update soon on the announcement.

Scott E